Olive Glass Diffuser

Olive Glass Diffuser

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Olive Glass bottle is a delicate oval shape which starts wider at the bottom and tapers up to a narrow neck. It contains 130 ml. It comes with a cork stopper with a silver effect finish. 

 Perfect addition to any home, offering subtle fragrance. Perfect alternative to elegantly scent your home.  These bottles hold 200ml. When its running low Just order refill and new reeds to top up. 

our reed diffusers are made with 100% natural bases, Lasting 4-6months.

Please note that reed diffusers can be affected by there environment. Scent throw May not be as strong if kept in cold , drafty rooms. 

With first use allow your reeds 48hrs to soak up the oils then filp your reeds. for best results flip your reeds every week. 

Please be ensure your diffuser is in safe place, away from pets, children and electrical appliances. Do not ignite reeds. If spilt clean immediately as it may stain surfaces. 


H 9.5 cm x W 7 cm (minus stopper)